April 2017 Meeting Minutes

IMG_1277 YEASTER PAGEMeeting called to order by the President Chris B with an introduction of new members and a discussion of lessons learned from recent brews which contained stories of slippery glass carboys to keg transfer bottle carbonation issues.  A few announcements were discussed prior to the main event (Happy Yeaster):

  • Competition plans continue with judge selection, see below and watch for recent FB post for instructions ;
    • Annual HOWL Homebrew Competition 2017 Competition Rules, Dates & Deadlines – Please provide two (2) 12 ounce bottles for evaluation. Flip tops and 22 oz bottles are not acceptable. – Bottles must be free of ink, paint, or paper labeling other than the competition entry label. – Bottle caps must be neutral i.e. no lettering or graphics. May 4, 2017 -​ Deadline for registering your beer in Brew Brawl and drop off at Kettles & Grains May 6, 2017​ – Judging will commence
  • Brew festivities to celebrate AHA (American Home Brewers Association) Day at Kettles and Grain on 5/6/17, 20% discount on materials and participate on brewing outside of shop.
  • Trip report on the HOWL brew tour to RVA.  See also the FB posts for pictures but, have to ask the participants for the ‘behind the scenes stories’, it’s OK, they’re professional beer drinkers, not amateurs.

YEASTER Experiment

The meeting was turned over to the leaders of the April Yeaster event – Jeannie and staff, .  The tasting of the 6 beers with identical grain and hop bill divided into 6 different yeast batches.  The grain bill was Maris Otter with the hops being EKG (UK East Kent Golding).  And the Yeast:

  1.  WLP008 – EAST COAST
  2.  WLP029 – KOLSCH ALE
  3.  WLP810 – SAN FRANCISCO LAGER (CA Common)

Reference the tasting sheet for details containing Final Gravity and ABV along with character of the yeast.  Too many tasting notes to discuss here but, consensus says, “a successful experiment” with definite results on accentuation of hop bitterness  (East Coast)  verse malt sweetness character (Dusseldorf), and the bold Belgian Yeast with fruitiness and phenolic characteristics that dominate the profile.  If Belgian Golden is a bit much on the palate try the Belgian Saison for a possible better harmony of flavor.  Job well done team and thanks for all who participated!

Brewer’s choice Additional tasting

  1. Tony P – Dry Hopped California Common – Pilsner and Maris Otter, Loral hops
  2. Tom P – Saison – Pilsner, noble hops, grains of paradise, orange and grapefruit zest, Safbrew S33 dry yeast
  3. Dustin G – Milk Stout – Extract Lactose, coca nips, wood chips, coconut (unsweetened), midnight wheat, Safeale 005
  4. Matt M –   2 Scotch Ales from Matt and Michael, 8 – 9.5% big grain bill of MO special B, Caramel 120, Oak spiral, Magnum Willamette, Goldings hops? Scotich Ale Yeast
  5. Michael M – Scotch Ale with slight profile change than above, 16 oz of JD
  6. Jennie N – Scotch Ale (soured), 2015 collab that soured with and experiment with sour cherry and wheat
  7.  Charles S – new member brown ale for analysis and club feedback

Thanks all for the successful Yeaster Experiment and the brewer’s choice tasting.  Get you entries prepared for the May Club competition (first bullet of announcements above).  As always, feel free to respond with any additions or corrections.


Tom p, secretary HOWL


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