APRIL 2019 Meeting Minutes

The April Meeting was opened at 7:08 pm by the President Dave A at Kettles and Grain Home-brew Supply in Leesburg with a few announcements; Wort Share at Solace a success and competition scheduled for May 19th.  Also, the Splinter Beer  wood experiment will be conducted at the May meeting on 5/2.  Come taste 10 beers that were aged on different woods.

In addition, an around the room introduction welcoming 3 new members, a Matt the younger, Ashley, and Shawn.  14 Howlers in attendance.

April Brewers Choice Beer lineup

Jmark – Blonde Ale, 8 lb of pale with wheat and crystal malts, Galena and Cascade hops with 3470 lager yeast.  Light and ready for Spring.

Matt P – Fat Tire clone, slight tweak with a little biscuit malt to the recipe, what’s that gravity again?…  pretty good beginning beer…

Matt T – Pear Saison, yes foraging on the job site and baked for sanitation, very good

Jmark – Cider with Apricot and Apple, bells saison yeast, yes was part of the pod cast Brewlosophy inspired

Matt T – Raspberry Sour – Golden Promise and wheat, of course ‘Frankenstein’ yeast, not scary at all, actually quite pleasing mmm

Don Y – NEIPA with the rage of Norwegian Voss Kveik beast of a yeast. keg hopped, yeah

Jukka – Mystery Beer, looks like a brown ale, ingredients of a brown ale; Vienna, victory, honey, midnight wheat, must be a brown ale…

Brent – Milk Stout, lactose, EKG, London Ale 013, solid milk stout

Chip – Barley Rye Porter, with a coffee addition, roasted barley, rye, rice hulls, MO, EKG hops, and it’s go time

Tom p – Another barrel aged porter, wheat whisky from West Fork in Indiana barrel, standard recipe with MO, chocolate, malts, american hops and 04 yeast, 4 months in the barrel

Chip – Imperial Oatmeal Stout – Extra Special malt, no not kidding, Xtra Special, what? a 10 gal batch with molasses to kick it up a notch

That was a good one, brewers choice always come with variety and goodness.  Thanks to all brewers for the contributions and extra special award to a few brewers with multiple entries.

See you May 2nd and K & G for the Splinter Beer tasting experiment.


tom p. secretary


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