Brew Calendar

Homebrewers by nature are rebels, nonconformists, and mavericks.  Are those all synonyms?  Probably, but that makes the point even more sound!  We don’t follow a recipe… NO!  We tweak it, we add our own secret ingredient like flax seed, mugwort, or maybe even cloves… WAAAY too many cloves!!!  We can’t follow a recipe, so why would anyone assume we could follow a brew schedule?  Well… we can’t… and haven’t since the clubs inception.  But damn the torpedoes, we will rebel against rebellion and post a calendar anyway!!!  Some will follow… some will alter… most will just brew whatever the hell they please… because this is what it means to be a brewer at HOWL!

2019 HOWL Brew Calendar

Jan – Big Beers (8% & Up )
Feb – Brewer’s Choice
Mar – Splinter “SMASH”
Apr – Brewer’s Choice
May – Brewers Choice Best Beers & Solace Wort Share Competition on 5/19
Jun – Belgians & Sours
Jul – Session Beers
Aug – IPAs
Sep – Brewer’s Choice
Oct – German & Pumpkin
Nov – 22 & Up SRM (Browns, Porters, & Stouts)
Dec – White Elephant