Meeting Minutes, December 2014


El Presidente Matt the Elder opened the meeting with a brief mention of upcoming holiday brewing events, notably Magnolia’s and Corcoran’s.

The December meeting featured an edumacation session by Chip and Matt the Elder highlighting the effect various specialty grains have on the beer.

The experiment featured 3oz of specialty grain added to 2L (pre-steeping) of wort (2 row, rahr red wheat and torrified wheat), steeped for 15 minutes at approx 135 degrees, then boiled (sans grain bag) for another 15 minutes.  The resulting wort came to approx 1.6L.  The specialty grains used for this session were biscuit, victory, honey, cara 20, cara 120, special B, special dark, English dark, and chocolate wheat.  Aside from a bloom of *something* floating in the special B, all of the worts survived the lengthy prep and holding (no hops or yeast were used), and even the special B tasted good to the brave souls who tried it.  There were some surprises in the experiment – one overheard comment was, “Chocolate wheat actually has a chocolate flavor to it.”

After the tasting, Webster did a show and tell of his portable lagering cooler setup, featuring a large wheeled cooler, sheets of industrial insulation, 2L bottles of frozen water and some simple electronics.  This allows Webster to lager beer year round in a very temperature-controlled environment.  Plans can be found here – Webster modified his a bit to utilize the cooler.

One post-meeting topic discussed was a possible field trip to Richmond from a brewery/history tour.  Hopefully more to come on that in the new year!


This month’s tastings included:

1: Applewine (Webster)
2: Pumpkin Pecan Brown Ale (Paul & Elaine)
3: Christmas Ale (George Prusha)
4: Barrel-aged Barleywine (Mike)
5: Black IPA (Greg)
6: Imperial IPA (Matt-t-Younger)
7: Imperial IPA (Kevin)
8: Russian Imperial Stout (Dave)
9: Russian Imperial Stout (Mitch)
10: Russian Imperial Stout (Webster)

No judging was done this time around, so you are all winners!


Webster showing of the Son of Fermentation chamber (mobile version)


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