December 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened by the President Dave A slightly past 7:00 pm at Dragon Hops Brewing in Purcellville, VA  Meeting beer line up from Octobers White Elephant selection along with submitted recipes was organized and projected for all to see by VP Mike M.  Since the agenda was full with the multiple beer line up, New Business was postponed until January meeting and only one announcement as follows:  HOWL rotational tap at Bellylove Brewing has a Porter by Tom P, try it out

White Elephant Beer

Peter – Kolsch with Black Current Tea; tea leaves added to end of boil (~30 min), winner, winner

Tony – International Pale Lager Panela;  Panela sugar, solid brew

Chip – Potato Brown Ale; you guessed it Potato, Chip likes it, he must be German

Kevin – Ghost Pepper Hefeweizen; Ghost Peppers, brewer was looking for more pepper, be careful or you may have to brew with Steven K

Francisco – Belgian Pale; ingredients of Coriander, Oranges, and Achiote (spice used for coloring and mild flavor), good recipe decision with these ingredients

Dave A – Juniper Berry Sahti; carbonated vs uncarbed, verdict is ____________

Paul and Elaine – Berried Treasure Saison; Cranberries and Cranberry Clementine, pretty nice

Tom P – Earl Grey ESB; Earl Grey tea steeped at wort chill until the brew room smells like tea, about 5 minutes, not bad at all

Matt T – Sneaky Guajillo Dubbel; Gualillo chilies, an abbey ale style with peppers, okay in the running

Luis – Marshmallow Porter; marshmallows and wild yeast, remember all those good beers Luis has brewed…

Mike M – Spice Bush Christmas Stout; Spicebush berries aka Lindera Benzoin for you foragers, this beers says Merry Christmas

JMark – Reeses Puffs Chocolate Stout – Reeses Puffs, I think I got that right, Jmark looking forward to revenge on this ingredient


And the winner of the friendly competition for the White Elephant event on the Brew Calendar is Peter


Good job on the challenge to all HOWL brewers.  See you in January 3, 2019 for Big Beers 8%+.



tom p



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