February 2019 Meeting Minutes

President Dave opened the meeting at 7:15 for the first time at Barnhouse Brewery (https://www.barnhousebrewery.com/, keeping the Western Loudoun tradition alive for HOWL (Homebrewers of Western Loudoun).  Some Announcements to follow:

  • Club experiment month moving to May from traditional April that will be Splinter Beer, wood flavors – Brew date was tentively set at K & G for 2/20.  However, weather may be playing a role in the schedule
  • Solace Wort Share (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2nd-annual-howl-solace-wort-share-tickets-55590727362?aff=ebdshpsearchautocomplete) event coming March 8, get your tickets, competition to follow on May 19
  • Roger of Barnhouse gave a presentation on Loudoun County Brewing History and a tour of the Brewery.
  • Also, we have a friend and member Joe Darden running for the AHA board, try to vote by end of March

Brewer’s Choice Month

  1. Steven – Szechuan Peppercorn, a Cream Ale from the earlier Christmas White Elephant contest.  flaked maize, lemongrass, pretty good!
  2. Dave A – Barley Wine left over to sour, oh did we mention the sour method
  3. Matt – Barnhouse Sour with a grand barrel story, a Flanders Red variant with Frankenstein yeast, a collaborative effort
  4. Chip – An experimental beer for discussion, that’s why we home brew, sometimes to see what can happen
  5. Tony – Brut IPA, all about the enzyme for dryness, Beta-amylase or amyloglucosidase, something like that, talk to Tony this is worth trying to repeat
  6. Don – Quick IPA. a Norwegian yeast story on fast fermenting at temperature
  7. Tom P – DIPA, a big malt and hop bomb that could use some keg time, all the remaining home grown hops and an Amarillo keg addition 7.7%
  8. Jmark – Brown Rye IPA, time to leave the bitterness behind and enjoy an historical taste, 8.5% wow, and s/b coming soon to Bellylove HOWL tap
  9. Jukka – Brown Ale, move over Newcastle, a nice 4.5 % English Brown, Safeale 04 yeast – simple
  10. Kevin – Stout, with cocoa nibs, and cocoa nibs, and some cocoa nips, actually this Milk Stout with and Irish Yeast was definitely the finish beer category, mmm I’ll have a 10 oz tulip pour
  11.  Paul – Christmas Ale, Melt Down Milk Stout, Wyeast 1099 White Bread Ale yeast, nice combo of spice, chili and goodness

Thanks for the great host by Roger at Barnhouse, See you on March 7th for another Brewer’s choice at Kettles and Grain as we’ll have the Solace Wort Share pick-up event following the meeting on Friday the 8th.


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