Evil Twin Femme Fatale Brett

From the bottle:

To take up the challenge and make a 100% true Brett beer can very easily become a fatal attraction for the Brewmaster. Ones you get acquainted with Bretts irresistible, seductive, alluring and very charming nature, it will ensnare you and drive you to the point of obsession to create the desirable tangy, funky, tart flavor in ya mouth.

The beer pours a pale and hazy golden color topped with a thick white head that lasts and laces nicely on the glass.  An IPA through and through, you are hit with a strong citrus nose with very little of the typical Brett barnyard notes.  The beer is highly attenuated and very dry which highlights the hop bitterness and the yeast adds a little sumthin’ that complements both the lemon citrus nose and the pronounced bitterness.  Malt is present and balances the beer well, but definitely takes a back seat.  A really interesting beer and an excellent IPA.  At 6% abv, you can have your beer AND drink it too… assuming you can handle the sticker shock!

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