HOWL and Solace Wort Share Is Now Live!

Greetings fellow Homebrewers,

HOWL (Homebrewers of Western Loudoun) are inviting local homebrew clubs to participate in a wort share. We have been working with Solace Brewing Company, who is going to provide 6 gallons of wort per ticket. There will be a total of 60 tickets available (2 tickets max per participant).

The wort pickup will be on Friday January 26, 2018 from 5-8PM. On the day of the event, you can feel free to come hang out at Solace (opens at 2PM) while the mash is going and have a few pints. We expect the wort to start being distributed at 5PM. Wort must be picked up by you or a responsible party by close of business, otherwise we will freely distribute your wort to anyone who wants it– so be warned!

We are planning on also hosting BJCP sanctioned competition that will comprise of only the beers that have been created with the wort from Solace.  However, we are still ironing out the details. We are hoping to host the competition, judging, and event Sunday March 11, 2018. A competition website will be disclosed soon and will show the broader competition style categories and competition details. We hope to have a section of Solace Brewing Company available for the competition event.

Tickets are on sale now. Solace requires sanitized buckets to be dropped off from January 20th through 25th during normal business hours. If you need a bucket to transport wort or if you don’t want to bother dropping a bucket off before the wort share, you can buy one as merchandise from the Eventbrite page for $10 and it will be given to you at the event. Tickets can only be purchased through Eventbrite.

We are extending this invitation to all homebrew clubs in the area, and we hope that you can mention this during a club meeting, on your Facebook page, or through any avenue in which you communicate with your members.

For those not familiar with HOWL, we are a homebrew club that has been meeting monthly since 2011. We currently meet at Kettles & Grains homebrew shop in Leesburg the first Thursday of every month to share our knowledge and enjoyment of beer and brewing. Our details are below. Feel free to email us for questions, reasonable suggestions, and/or if you want to help out!

Thanks! Hope to see you soon!

HOWL/Solace Wort Share:

Eventbrite Ticket Page:

Solace Brewing Company:


Where: Solace Brewing Company, 42615 Trade W Dr #100, Sterling, VA 20166

When: Wort Pickup is Friday, January 26, 2018 5-8 PM, buckets need to be dropped off at Solace Brewing Co. from January 20th-25th.

How: Purchase a ticket through the Eventbrite.

Who: All of the local homebrew clubs we can think of. If you are not listed, please get in contact with us– we’d like to know who you are.

Why: Because brewing is fun!








Tony Ponce – President

Brian Hardy – Vice President

Tom Pursel – Secretary

Ruben Fugon – Membership




Q: How can I buy a ticket?

A: Our tickets are on Eventbrite. Tickets are about $33.72.


Q: What will be the grist of the wort?

A: The final wort will be decided closer to the event. However, we have agreed that it be similar to Solace’s recipes, pale in color, and can result in a beer around 6-8% ABV.


Q: I don’t have an available bucket or carboy. I need another one.

A: Well, you can always borrow a buddies’ vessel. But if you don’t have friends, there is an option to buy a bucket on the Eventbrite site. $10 per set of plastic bucket, lid, and airlock. Heck, if you clean and sanitize it properly, you can even ferment in it. We strongly suggest plastic vessels and are not liable for broken glass. Buckets are provided by Kettles & Grains, Leesburg.


Q: I heard there will be a competition. Can you tell me more about that?

A: We are ironing out details about the event. We want this to take place in March. We will release details soon regarding the competition.


Q: I am a slowpoke and didn’t get a ticket, they ran out… why didn’t you sell more tickets?

A: We plan on releasing another set of 40 tickets depending on how quickly and when the first 60 sell. Experiences with other Wort Shares (and life in general) suggest buying early will ensure a ticket for wort.


Q: I can only pick up my wort late on Friday and I don’t want to brew so late on Friday.

A: It is suggested that the wort is taken as early as possible and brewed with on Friday.  Early Saturday morning brewing is also possible if you store the wort appropriately (sanitized vessel, CO2 purge headspace, airlock, & cold temperature suggested) This will limit possible off flavors produced with exposure to oxygen and possible contamination. However, if you are a good enough brewer, you can get creative by kettle souring, purging the vessel with CO2, etc.


Q: What if I buy a ticket and change my mind?

A: We need to ensure that, at the very least, Solace is compensated for their ingredients, time, and expertise. There will be no refunds available. Why not pass the ticket to a friend?


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