January 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened by Pres Dave A at Kettles and Grain in Leesburg, VA at 7:09 pm.  Introductions were held for new attendees with 16 members present for the meeting and tasting of big beers.

Announcements were as follows:

  • HOWL member and special guest Chris Mula to introduce the Brewers Ball scheduled for March 2 (Saturday) in Washington DC.  A black tie event for Cystic Fibrosis.  Featured brewers from Loudoun County such as Tolga at Bellylove and Mark at Adroit Theory.  Watch for posts on our facebook page and other information may be available through Chris M or the Foundation.
  • Next meeting at Barnhouse Brewery on Thursday February 7, https://www.barnhousebrewery.com/
  • HOWL/Solace Wort Share planning is underway with dates; March 8 for Wort Share and May 19 for Competition
  • Future calendar event for ‘Splinter Beer’ in April, beer with wood, needs some planning, officers to think about it and report…

BIG BEERs 8%+ on the January Brew Calendar

Note: beer recipes below were projected onto screen as part of a new process and majority can be found on the Facebook page.

  1. Luis – Belgian triple sour, oak spirals, 9.4%
  2. Dave A – Barleywine Bigfoot clone
  3. Jmark – Belgian Golden Strong
  4. Tom p – Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter. a winner!
  5. Brent – Imperial Pepper Stout
  6. Mike & Doug – 3 yr old Barrel Cured Stout
  7. Matt M – Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout
  8. Keven – Caramel Stout

and the winner is Porter from the Bourbon Barrel by tom p.

See you in February at Barnhouse Brewery for Brewer’s Choice and on the HowlBrew page.


tom p


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