July 2017 Meeting Minutes

IMG_1312 July winnersHome-brewers of Western Loudoun (HOWL) met at Brian’s house for the 2nd year summer tradition meeting in July (7/6/2017).  Meeting was opened by the President Chris B with a few announcements as follows:

  • HOWL website shall be replaced sometime in the near future.  Minutes, Brew calendar and such shall be maintained on the FB page while the ‘new’ website shall exist for AHA and new member marketing purposes only, more to come.
  • Vanish head brewer or the proper title is “Fermentation Whisperer-in-Chief” is thinking of reaching out to brew clubs, especially HOWL, with a Mash-out brew day and competition.  Shall stay apprised and see if we can get Vanish’s  Larry P to a meeting in the near future.
  • Joe D of 50 West shall visit HOWL in August for grain presentation
  • Oktoberfest at Brian’s on Sept 23, HOWL invited again, Thanks
  • VA Craft Beer festival on Aug 19, moved from previous site (Devils Backbone) to 3 Notched, check website for details, or Matt T

Session Beers per the July Calendar

  1.  Paul and Elaine – Belgian style dubble, OK Elaine’s giving full credit to Paul, but I understand if she doesn’t have her hand in the kettle, she is preparing treats on the smoker, the word is out.  A 10 gal collaboration beer with Matt and Chip which makes the name appropriate, ‘dubble trouble’.  18lb of Marris Otter, 8lb of pilsner, 4 of Belgian Munich, special sugar (invert sugar?), 2 oz of hallertau hops and WL575 Belgian yeast with an addition of CA Ale yeast.  You may want to get the details on this recipe because it’s a winner!
  2. Chip – Rauchbier II, Telegraph Springs Rauschbier, 2 row, smoked malt, CaraMunich, Munich 60L, Midnight wheat, Magnum and Hersbrucker hops, and Salflager S-23.  Another great recipe and honorable mention awards.
  3. Dave A – Hard Seltzer, excuse me? This beverage has a story that is something like; ‘we tasted this at the beach and thought why not?’  HOWL brew club is wondering why for?  Ok, lets not be too hard on and experiment is always good for s—s and giggles.  The complex recipe consists of hard water, sugar and Safale 05, enjoy.
  4. Tom P – Session IPA, 7 lb 2 row, 1 lb wheat, 2 oz Amarillo and 2 oz Mosaic, not bad, ABV 4.5 %, got some votes for session contest, smells a little like spruce tips and orange peel…?  No adjuncts just hops.
  5. Brian Y – Ginger IPA, 2 row, carapils, crystal 40, OG 1.048 & FG 1.010, Magnum for bitter Citra for flavor US05 yeast, this is a good one.  Oh the best question of the night; “How did you know to use only 1.75 oz of ginger?”   Answer from the brewer; “Because I brewed it before with 2 oz of ginger.”  Now that’s recipe development, ‘caution’ with ginger and cloves…
  6. Matt T – Danish Saison, exotic yeast from Denmark from apple trees?  Guess what?  Taste a little apple in there?.. 12lb Spelt malt, flake rice wheat, Pride of Ringwood hops.  OK most exotic ingredient winner, leave it up to Matt.  All IPA fans are humbled.  Another winner.
  7.  Tony / Jeannie – Tony’s Gose, accidulated malt, coriander, discussion of a possible mash temp error, but I’m not hearing too many complaints, pretty good Gose from non Gose fans.
  8. Steven K – Hickory smoked altbier with peppers, Oh, did we mention peppers.  Jalapeno, chipotle, I sort of missed the grain bill after hearing the multiple pepper additions, WLP 36, Saaz, and dry hopped with peppers, of course home smoked barley malt. This beer may be a palate buster but, it sure is fun!
  9. Jmark – Porter 5%, 2 row, chocolate, coffee, UKG hoped, with Jasper 137 English and Malty yeast.  Warning; don’t follow Hickory smoked pepper beer.  A very good Porter.  Apologies for the tasting order that dampened the porter.

Friendly competition ends in a tie for the Belgian style ‘dubble trouble’ from Paul and the Danish Saison from Matt.  Notice the featured image of Kompound Brewing collaboration with Paul, Matt, Chip, and Pres Chris.

Final note: August is Brewers choice (8/3/17) and some officers are going to be missing due summer travels.  See the Facebook page for ‘help needed’ at the meeting.

Feel free to respond to the undersigned via Facebook if any edits are necessary.



tom p, secretary


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