June 2016 Meeting Minutes

IMG_0828 June BB 2 2016Meeting called to order by President Jennie and VP Kevin at Kettles & Grain in Leesburg, VA with an announcement for the July meeting then on to the Session beer of the HOWL Brew Calendar.

  • Announcements:
    • July 2016 Meeting to be held at member brewer Brian Y home.  Please consult the closed Facebook page for more info regarding address etc., Also note Kettles and Grain shall have information for club members to attend
      • Special session shall include speakers: Matt hosting the panel discussion on “Recipe Development” with the panel including commercial brewers Tolga (Belly Love) and Greg (Adroit Theory) – Wow

Addition note to announcements; Brew Con in Baltimore coming June 9, be ready to post / text, etc and find each other, see you there.

Session Beers for the month of June brew calendar:

  1. Reuben – starting with a dropped growler of Grapefruit Saison but with a quick recovery of a excellent Jalapeno/Pineapple Saison. Bronze medal
  2. Cathy and Rob –  Belgian Style Wit
  3.  Brian H – Belgian Style Pale Ale, silver medal
  4. Josh – Extra Special Bitter, known as ESB – Special Extra Bastard with a fun brew day story, good job on a beginning brew – Welcome
  5. John K – Munich Dunkel, and the gold medal goes to…  Best Brewer month of June

Consult the Brew Brawl for details.  Note: scoring was a more appropriate 1 to 5 friendly club competition as opposed to the BJCP guidlines which worked out great – thanks Dave A.  Also, see Dave’s app going public on You Tube.

The other beers:

Some of these beers could have been in competition for Session however, always welcome.

  • Kevin K – Hop Shot bitter ale, yes the hop oil addition only, very cool
  • Jukka – Cream Ale that may have contested in the session, tasty
  • Jimmy – Tangelo IPA, think about this on upcoming IPA brew calendar in August, very good
  • Jennie – Took us back in time with Historic IPA, Merry Christmas book of ole ales, Dry hopped and barrel replicated, hey mate, pass me another

Another great meeting with thank you notes to host Kettles & Grain and the Brew Brawl competition application.


Please feel free to respond with and feedback, additions or corrections.


tom p, secretary

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