June 2017 Meeting Minutes

IMG_1300Home-brewers of Western Loudoun (HOWL) met at Kettles in Grain in Leesburg, VA on 6/8/2017.  Meeting was opened by the President Chris B with a few announcements as follows:

  • AHA Homebrew convention this month
  • VA event Dominion Cup
  • July meeting at Brian’s House, stand by for the FB post for address
  • May winner of the HOWL Annual Competition – Tony P for his CA Common
  • Honey Hop event sign up (sign-up sheet at K & G) for harvesting hops and may get some free tasting for the farm hand effort

Presentation on Smoked Grain by Steven K

Steven presented his own smoked grain and the process used along with commercial product for all to taste and discuss such as Vanbond (sp?) beech smoked, Briess Apple smoked being of the commercial variety and the home made version of hickory, pecan of Munich grains.  Discussion around time of smoke, cold smoke vs hot, % of smoked grain in the entire bill for brewing and some cautions such as soaking in chlorine water, etc.  Excellent job for this months club presentation, Thanks Steven, can’t wait for the next Rauchbier tasting.

Belgian Beers for the June Brew Calendar

Brian Y – Belgian Wit, pilsner malt, flaked wheat, munich, (assume German noble hops, orange, coriander and 3944 yeast OG 1.046 FG 1.014 A winner

Mark – Berry Saison, 2.5 gal batch, pilsner, Sorachi Ace hops, berries in secondary 1058 OG and 1.007 FG, great for summer

Jukka – Belgian Pale Ale, 2 row, flake wheat, Citra hop dry, White Labs 510, very nice pale

Doug and Mike – Saison. Pisner, 2 row, Vienna Malts, flaked wheat, Saison Yeast, and it would not be a Mike and Doug Collab beer without  a high gravity ~ 1.060+ and aged in a bourbon barrel, yeah give me another

Tom P – Belgian Coffee Barrel, pilsner, and dark grains of choc malt and special B, aged in a bourbon for a month plus, Hallertau and Tettnang hopped and dry yeast of Safbrew BE256, the brew thinks it’s too coffee strong and the high Special B bill may have been an error, however, some favorable comments from coffee lovers and Belgian geeks,  Try ‘Allagash’s James Bean‘ if you get the chance and you will know the inspiration

That ended the Belgian beer friendly competition with the gold going to Brian Y pictured above.  Also note the featured image for this publication is the Annual Award winner Tony P, Congrats to all for a job well done!

Be ready for Session Beers per the Calendar at Brian Y’s house on Thursday July, 6th (see the our private Facebook posting for address).


Tom P, secretary




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