June 2019 Meeting Minutes

HomeBrewers of Western Loudoun June meeting was opened at Kettles and Grain Home Brew Supply and onsite Brew Shop at ~7:15 pm on Thursday 6.  Followed by a few announcements:

  • One announcement was the discussion of the Solace Wort Share and Competition results from May 19 with HOWL member Steven K winning Best in Show with a Juniper Pale Ale and and Joe D (HOWL, 50 West, etc) winning the Peoples Choice with Lambic style sour.  For more results see the HOWL website for Solace Competition, also a Goggle spreadsheet is available.
  • Next topic was a change in meeting date to July 11th due to the July 4th holiday Thursday.
  • Howl also, welcomes a couple new members Danial and Bob inducted through the Facebook page thanks to membership committee (Elaine).


Onto the Brew Calendar for June = Belgians and Sours

  1. Mark – Blonde Ale at 9.3%, maybe a strong blonde, Brewers gold hops, Candi sugar, Golden Promise, orange, anise, Belgian Saison yeast WLP 565
  2. Brent – Belgian Dubble, Trappist yeast WLP 500, Pilsner, Vienna, Munich, Caramunich,, sugar, honey malts, fermentation temp start low (64F) then up to 72F
  3. Doug – 6 years in the barrel, reminds me of the Humble Pie song 30 days in the hole, a 3 year blending experiment that could be a great marinade, salad dressing or sour concoction
  4. Matt the younger – Experimental Fruit and Hops beer. no quite in the Belgian style but a citrus hop blend that could get there if desired by Belgian methodology, some upping of gravity and yeast variant could be a Belgian IPA
  5. Mike M – Gose, 5% salt, 2 row, Wheat, perle hops (most popular in Germany), cherries, Gose Yeast and 05, it’s a winner…
  6. Jukka – Creame Ale, with sushi rice at 5%, now that’s a pallet cleanser
  7. Dave A – Heather tips or a return of heather tips, is it just me or is aging improving this beer? Sahti with bread yeast and lactic, an ancient style
  8. Matt T the elder – Raspberry Sour, requested by a charity auction prize, and wow what a special complex beer with Frankenstein Yeast, this could truly be a beer made here or Philomont, VA
  9. Dan (new man) – Iceland malt, Mosaic hops, fprced carbed and hey this is good stuff, sorry I didn’t get better notes, bring your recipe for us next time, I want it
  10. Tom p – collaboration, and thanks to Paul J for bringing all the details, this was a Flanders style recipe that had some solera barrel aging concepts and yeast experimentation, a very drinkable with not so heavy sour notes
  11. Francisco – Belgian IPA, Orange zest in Solace Wort Share, Belgian yeast,  if I remember properly this beer scored pretty well with the BJCP…
  12. Some additional beers from Luis were donated and enjoyed very much.

Good Participation for the Belgian and Sour category this month and the friendly vote goes to Mike M’s ‘Gose’, congratulations!

Next Meeting is on July 11 (Thursday change due to holiday) same time 7:00 and K & G, Leesburg, VA.  Session Beers are on the calendar.

Feel free to comment for and comments or corrections to the undersighned.



tom p, secretary



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