Meeting Minutes, April 2015


Kevin K. presented John Palmer’s Water video presentation via (  Highly recommended viewing that will help you take your beer to the next level.  Kevin also shared his water report from Ward Labs – for $39, send Ward Labs a sample of your water and get the full breakdown sent back for a better breakdown on how you will need to treat your water to obtain the best results.  One of the interesting points made in discussion was the fact that the pH of the water that you send to the lab will change while in transit, so take the numbers the lab sends back, in regards to pH, with some skepticism.

Second runnings (thanks Belly Love Brewing!) were distributed to members as part of an experiment in using dry yeast.  The runnings would be boiled for 30 minutes, hopped with 1 oz Cascade at 30 minutes, then cooled and yeast pitched according to brewer’s preferences.  K&G donated some yeast for the experiment also.  We will be discussing the results at the May 7 meeting.

Next month’s annual brewing competition will be held next month, so get your beers ready!  More info coming soon regarding submission, judging, etc.

Kevin is putting plans together for a Heritage Brewing field trip – if we have 10 people or more, we can get barrel tasting!  This will be a one day trip to try to better fit into everyone’s schedule.  More info coming soon.


This month’s judged selections, Single Malt and Single Hop, were few but tasted great:

1. Jennie – American Strong Ale SMASH
2. Joe – Marris Otter/Burton yeast SMASH
3. Tony – Galaxy Pale ale SMASH

After a impromptu vote, Tony’s Galaxy Pale Ale was declared the winner!


With the judged tastings, out of the way, the rest of the sampler menu resembled:

4. Steve – Chanterelle Saison
5. Red – Brown Hazelnut Ale
6. Tom – English Pale Ale
7. Tony – Patersbier
8. Cathy and Rob – Vanilla Porter
9. Joe – Russian Imperial Stout

Next meeting – May 7, Annual HOWL Competition!  Bring your best brew in two unmarked 12oz bottles with attached submission sheet (see FB files), an extra growler to share with the rest of the group while the judging is going on, and may the best brewer win!

As always, please let me know if the minutes need updating!

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