Meeting Minutes, August 2015

Meeting Minutes provided by Jennie Norviel – thanks for keeping the notes~


Matt the Elder gave a presentation on sour beers.  Downloadable documents are available on the Facebook site for members.


Tastings – IPA, DIPA, Session IPA, Imperial Session White Belgian IPA (August 2015)

1). Tony Ponce (IPA)
2). Tom (single hop IPA)
3). Matt (black IPA)
4). Brian (black IPA)

Winner – Tony’s IPA – Congratulations on bestest brewer ever for August 2015!

5). Paul (saison)
6). Steven (pumpkin saison)
7). Greg (ESB)
8). Jennie (American Strong Ale)


Next meeting – September 2, Brewer’s Choice

As always, please let me know if the minutes need updating!

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