Meeting Minutes, Dec 2013


Meeting started, with Tolga offering a brief introduction, and everyone in the room introduced themselves as there were several new members in attendance. There were no major issues to discuss. The meeting is likely to be the last at the old Corcoran Brewing, and the January meeting may be held at Kettles and Grain in Leesburg assuming they are open and amenable to hosting. A future meeting will also be held at Beltway Brewing if possible, but will likely have to be held on a Wednesday owing to Beltway being open on Thursday evenings for tastings.


Tastings and judging commenced. This was the first meeting where every beer was judged using a modified version of the BJCP Judging sheet. Only the scores for beer style of the month (stouts and porters) were tallied. The following beers were brought (scores in parentheses):

  • Tony – Amber with Kaffir Lime leaves
  • Chris – Oktoberfest
  • Chip – Pumpkin Ale
  • Mike – Dubbel
  • Brian H – DIPA
  • Mike R – Porter (36.3)
  • Zach – Vanilla Porter (31.4)
  • Cathy – Coffee Porter (38.9)
  • Dave – Russian Imperial Stout (Irish Ale yeast, Bock yeast, and British Ale yeast)
  • Matt the Elder – Oatmeal Stout (28)
  • Thom K – Oatmeal Stout (31)
  • Tolga – Collaboration Stout (37.4)
  • Matt the Younger – Collaboration Stout (unrated)
  • Schuyler – Collaboration Stout (35)
  • Chris S – Collaboration Stout (37.75)
  • Kevin – Bourbon Stout (39.4)
  • Paul & Elaine – Coffee Stout (33.85)
  • Jennie – Imperial Mocha Stout (32)

Bestest Brewer Ever (December 2013)

Kevin KochKevin Koch

The winner of this month’s competition was Kevin Koch, who can carry the title (and certificate) of “Bestest Brewer Ever” until the next competition month.  Kevin brought a delicious Bourbon Stout with pronounced notes of oak, coffee, and vanilla. If you ever run across Kevin at the local pub, know that when addressing him, you must know that his last name does not rhyme with cock, but instead sounds like crotch…  Sorry for the mistake during the introductions Kevin!

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