Meeting Minutes, July 2014


The meeting began with introduction from new members; Chris & Steve. Being a pre-holiday meeting, there were fewer members on hand than normal.
Zach gave an update on the collaboration brew. Kevin has beer in the barrel we will use, and it will depend on when he has the desired character as to when he empties the current beer for kegging. Everyone who is in the process of brewing should shoot for a FG in the low 1.020s. The process for bringing beers to Corcoran is as follows: everyone needs to bring a sample in a 12 oz bottle so that at least a few people can taste test before combining to make sure there isn’t an infection. Your beer should be brought to Kevin in a keg (uncarbed) or suitable container. If you are using a carboy, be sure to fully cover the beer with a blanket or something similar to ensure no light gets to the beer during transport. After combining, everyone will be welcome to come pick up their empty kegs/carboys at their convenience. We anticipate the beer will be in the barrel for anywhere between 8-12 weeks, possibly more. After barrel aging, Kevin will draw off and pull aside a keg to serve at Corcoran. Then everyone can come back to pick up their share (should be ~3.75 gallons or so per brewer).
Presentations for future meetings: there was no presentation at the current meeting. It was suggested that Dave might give a lesson on BIAB for the next meeting. Future topics were discussed include detecting and analyzing flavors. Jim suggested that the winery uses specific components to know what each flavor is in a wine, i.e. Hungarian vs French oak, infections, etc., and that he would be willing to help us organize/run a tasting. We are still investigating a kit via the AHA that would have 8-10 common off-flavors, and anticipate it would cost up to ~$15 per brewer to go through the lesson if interested.
Jim brought up the Oktoberfest to be held in the parking lot. No date was provided yet, but Jim suggested that he would give HOWL a tent in which we could serve our beers. Marzen would be preferred, so anyone interested should start planning on possibly serving beer once a date is set. Another option would be to have an Oktoberfest gathering at someone’s house if anyone is willing to host.
We discussed T-shirts incorporating the new logo. Chip will be working on the new design and will present to the group on Facebook.


Beers for the month were a combination of Session Beers (moved from June) and Brewer’s Choice. The beers served were:
  • Chris M. – Clementine Honey Kolsch
  • Rob & Cathy – Rogue Dead Guy clone
  • Steve – Red Ale
  • Jennie – Session Pale Ale
  • Rod – English IPA
  • George – Witbier
  • Tony – Session Saison (Saisson)
  • New Chris – Molasses Oatmeal Stout

Bestest Brewer Ever (July 2014)

Jennie NorvielJennie Norviel

For the first time we had a tie for Bestest Brewer of the Month. Even more scandalous was that it was between the dueling couple of Jennie and Tony! After holding a tie breaker vote, Jennie prevailed with her very session able and hop bursted Pale Ale.

The meeting adjourned. Next meeting is on 8/7, with the style being Wit, Weizen, or Weisse.

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