Meeting Minutes, July 2015

Meeting Minutes provided by Kevin K, K2 in your programs!  Thanks Kev for keeping the notes~


Dave gave and indepth presentation on Beersmith and its capabilities. We ran through the creation of a german pilsner and outlined the ability of the software to change all the variables of beer. Water, malt, yeast and hops. Very capable software in comparison to other online resources.

Though complicated there seems to be a bit of a learning curve to using it. The ability to change any parameter in a recipie gives a lot of flexibility to brewer. It can also provide a baseline to the recipies you brew and allow you to change minor things to your preferred taste. Clearly this is an essential tool for homebrewers.


Tastings – Brewer’s Choice (July 2015)

1) Cream Ale – Tom
2) Apple Wheat – Mike
3) SMaSH German – Steven
4) Blackberry Saison – George
5) Hop-bursted Pale Ale – Tony
6) Black IPA – Matthew
7) IPA – George
8) Milk Stout – Matthew
9) Vanilla Porter – Brian


Brian had a special presentation for his beer. We followed a small tasting with a seconded ‘beer float’ on vanilla ice cream. Quite the surprise and very delicious. Thank you Brian!

Collaboration recipie kits were handed out. 55 gallons of 80 shilling scotch ale aged in an oak barrel is on its way.

Next meeting – August 6, IPA, DIPA, Session IPA, Imperial Session White Belgian IPA.

As always, please let me know if the minutes need updating!

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