Meeting Minutes, June 2014


June is our annual homebrew competition month, so the format for this months meeting was a little less formal and much more relaxed.  There was no presentation, business discussion, or round table tastings as usual.  The judges commandeered the indoor area so they could not be mocked for pretending to know what they were doing, and booted all other members to the outside patio.  Everyone brought ample beer and enjoyed the perfect weather outside among good friends and great brews.

This year’s competition was more formalized than the previous years and brought HOWL one step closer to having an official BJCP sanctioned competition next year.  There were 14 beers entered that were broken into 2 tasting groups.  Each group was led by a BJCP certified judge and a senior HOWL member.  We were fortunate to get help from Jasper Akerboom and Matt Mella who are both BJCP certified members of the Wort Hogs to help us out with the competition.  Matt and Kevin Bills ran one tasting group and Jasper and Tolga Baki ran the other.

Competition Results

Overall, the quality of all the entries were top notch.  Not surprisingly, given our groups demeanor, there were very few IPA’s entered and specialty beers dominated the lineup.  Listed here are the beers submitted for judging.

  • Chip Chabot – 13B, Milk Stout
  • Steve Rohman – 13A, Irish Stout
  • Jennie Norviel – 23, Chilpotle Stout
  • Brian Hardy – 23, Gose
  • George Prusha – 14B, American IPA
  • Dave Artz – 4C, Schwarzbier
  • Matt Tolley – 5A, Maibock
  • Matt Cleveland – 23, Vanilla Coffee Brown
  • Tony Ponce – 16E, Belgian IPA
  • Dr. Miknis – 16C, Saison
  • Kevin Koch – 10C, American Brown Ale
  • Chris Shaw – 16E, Belgian Specialty
  • Mike Johnson – 23, Juniper Rye
  • Rod Landrow – 14B, American IPA

Of these beers, 6 were kicked up for Best of Show including; Chip, Jennie, Brian, George, Dave, and Tony.  After much lively debate amongst the judges the winner and runners up were announced.

2014 Best of Show

Jennie with her deliciously hot Chilpotle Stout got Honorable Mention.
George with his clean and dry American IPA got 3rd place.
Tony with a highly quaffable Belgian IPA took 2nd.

And the Best of Show for 2014 went to a big, black, thick, dominating yet gentle, smooth and creamy in the mouth, well made… Milk Stout from Chip Chabot!  This is Chip’s first annual win and he gladly takes the crown from last years winner, Matt Tolley.  Chip will be brewing this beer with Kevin Bills to be served at Corcoran Brewing in the near future.  Congrats Chip!

Tolga Baki, Chip Chabot, & Matt Tolley

Tolga Baki, Chip Chabot, & Matt Tolley

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