Meeting Minutes, March 2015


Very little business conducted at this meeting – a pretty small group this time!  Chip will be taking part in the State Guild conference call on March 14 (notes already posted to the FB page) as the HOWL representative.

Also mentioned was the upcoming  NHC brew contribution, a Paters ale, I believe.

And there there was tastings!


Being that it was a Brewer’s Choice month, a variety of tastings included:

1. Kevin K – pumpkin kolsch
2. Jennie N – popcorn cream ale
3. Mike J – pale ale
4. Chip C – hopped wheat (actually, it was a Dusseldorf alt – I didn’t know what I was pouring)
5. Brian H – Biere de garde
6. Jukka S – red ale
7. Tony P – 2x Irish brown
8. Tom P – Maple brown ale
9. Matt the Elder – Belgian brown

Next meeting – April 2, SMaSH!

As always, please let me know if the minutes need updating!

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