Meeting Minutes, May 2014


The meeting was called to order

Tolga  went over a few club business issues:

  1. So far 9 people have indicated that they will enter the club competition scheduled for next month (June 5). We need replies from everyone who will enter by May 15 so that we can ensure an adequate number of BJCP judges can be secured. Judging will be done in flights of approximately 8-10 beers each, and a best-of-show round may or may not be held the evening of the meeting. If the BOS round is held later, we will announce the winner either online or at the next meeting. All entrants will receive their feedback from the judges immediately, however. The competition meeting will not be a structured meeting as in previous meetings. Entrants should bring two unmarked bottles with a BJCP entry form rubber-banded around for the judges, and enough beer to share with members. Beer will be placed out on the bar counter, and we encourage everyone to treat this meeting as a social event.
  2. Chip and Dave had refined a club logo down, which was voted upon by the members attending the meeting. Great job all around. Here is the new logo:howl-stein-wolf
  3. Saturday is National Homebrew Day. Everyone who is able is invited to join George at Kettles and Grains to brew in the parking lot. George is offering discounts to those brewing on site that day.
  4. The collaboration beer will be a Belgian Dark Strong Ale (BJCP 18E). We will ask for volunteers to help formulate a recipe shortly.


Jasper Akerboom from Lost Rhino was gracious to attend the meeting and offer a presentation to the members about Yeast and all their unusual origins, quirks, etc. The presentation can be found here as well as on the Facebook page for future reference. Briefly, Jasper taught us about yeast history, origins, phylogeny, and other aspects of yeasts involved in brewing (including Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces species). Of particular interest was a finding that Saccharomyces yeasts, contrary to what is taught/accepted as being wild yeast (i.e. fruit will ferment because Saccharomyces is on its surface), is likely completely wrong. Yeasts appear to be a domesticated organism, and there is very strong evidence that Saccharomyces species are associated with tree bark, specifically from oak species. Overall the presentation was enlightening and Jasper offered great tips on yeast culturing/propogation.


After a brief break, we commenced with tastings for the month (brewer’s choice). The following beers were shared:

  • Zach- Session Saison
  • Rob/Cathy- SMASH Pale Ale
  • Mike R- All Day IPA clone
  • Mike J- Juniper Rye Ale
  • Brian- Black Lime Saison
  • Jennie- Belgian Ale/Cider Hybrid
  • George- Honey Ginger Ale
  • Dave- English Brown
  • Matt- Brett Eisen Porter

Overall the beers were quite good for the night. Rob gave us the quote of the night in reference to pH strips (which Dave had mentioned just stayed white when he added test samples): “You have to turn it to the colored side”.

The meeting was adjourned for the month. There was much celebration.

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