Meeting Minutes, May 2015


The meeting opened with a sampling and review of Matt Tolley’s dry yeast experiment, started in April.  To be honest, my notes were lousy, so I will try to get notes and comments from someone else to fill this out!  Same with the rest of the meeting – my apologies.  Check back later for a better summary.

If anyone has an idea for a presentation for June or July, let Matt the Elder. Also if anyone wants to do another, hopefully better, side-by-side test utilizing the 2nd runnings again, let’s talk. Matt is thinking maybe of doing a sour/wild presentation sometime soon, if there is interest.


This year’s competition was organized as a certified BJCP judging event, with official reports and everything!

The participants of this year’s HOWL Annual Competition were:

Dave Artz, Chocolate Rye DIPA
Joe Darden, Imperial Milk Stout
Red Fox, American Brown Ale
Roby & Cathy Frye, Saisson
Mike Johnson, Oak Aged Barley Wine
John Kemon, American Amber Ale
Kevin Koch, Imperial Amber
Steven Krise, Gratzer/Grodziskie
Zach Miknis, Sour Ale with Currants
Jennie Norviel, Double India Red Ale
Tony Ponce, Patersbier
George Prusha, Rasberry Imperial Stout
Matt Tolley, Gratzer

Judging was done on Wednesday, May 6 at Kettle & Grain (thanks George for hosting!) and our judges were Roger Knoel and Jasper Akerboom, who did great work in going through the thirteen submissions.  The judges opted to judge the beers together in order to give a better range of feedback to the brewers (and coincidentally, allowed them to drink more beer. Hmm…)

From the thirteen submissions, they chose the following:

Honorable Mention: Jennie Norviel‘s Double India Red Ale
Third Place: Mike Johnson‘s Oak Aged Barley Wine
Second Place: Steven Krise‘s Gratzer/Grodziskie
First Place and Insufferable Bragging Rights for the Year: George Prusha‘s Rasberry Imperial Stout


Next meeting – June 4, Session Beers.

As always, please let me know if the minutes need updating!

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