Meeting Minutes, Nov 2013


We discussed the current setup for tastings and future directions.

  1. It was proposed to limit beers to one per brewer (with future discussion allowing for more than one if it’s an experiment, i.e. same base with three yeasts, different hops, etc.).
  2. Brewers should bring enough for 20-25 people (approximately 64 oz if possible).
  3. A discussion of ratings of future beers was also conducted, and it was agreed that (1) ratings will be done according to a BJCP-like guide, (2) brewers wishing for ratings should print out and bring along 20-25 sheets, and (3) for a monthly competition ratings will be accumulated to determine a winner.
  4. For each month, a designated style will be provided, and those wishing to enter should bring along said style. A new calendar will be uploaded to the Facebook page and on this site, in order to set out the proposed brewing schedule. Brewers are still free to bring their own selections each month, but it will not be considered for any monthly competition.
  5. It was agreed that in future meetings brewers should stand up to present their beers, speak loudly and clearly, and that audience members should remain respectful. Feedback on beers is encouraged, both of positive and negative qualities of any beer in order to promote better brewing.
  6. Commercial beers no longer should be expected to be consumed during the meeting, and may be shared after homebrew tasting has concluded and the meeting has ended.

Jim updated us on the progress to LBC’s expansion, and indicated that the downstairs taproom will shortly be open. Jim indicated that 6 taps would be designated for homebrewers, and he welcomed brewing on the Corcoran system for eventual sale at LBC. Details were not worked out on this process as of yet.


Tasting commenced, with the following brewers bringing beers (Brewer-Style).

  • Tolga- Helles Lager
  • Matt B.- Saison
  • Rob & Cathy- English Bitter
  • Dave- Ryezenbock
  • Kevin- Galaxy dry-hopped Pale Ale
  • Clinton- Pale Ale (2-Hearted Clone)
  • Matt- Black IPA
  • Tom- Black IPA
  • George- Peanut Butter Stout
  • Chip- Mocha Stout
  • Matt T.- Belgian “Mutt”
  • Mike- DIPA (Pliny Clone)
  • Steve H.- DIPA (Pliny Clone)
  • Elaine & Paul- Pumpkin Ale
  • Sean- Pumpkin Ale

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