Meeting Minutes, October 2014


Among the items discussed, in no particular order:
After a long, grueling campaign and not a few story twists, Kevin K. prevailed in his victory of the club vice president office. Brian H. put up an honorable fight, but when reminded what was at stake (and what the job description was), he was the first to concede… *just* beating Kevin to the punch. Matt the Elder was nominated and elected President, Jennie N. was elected Membership Officer, and the individual with the worst recollection for names and brews, Chip C., was nominated and elected for Secretary (naturally).
A round of thank you’s were offered to the outgoing slate of officers, none of who could be recalled, but they must have been good at what they did. Seriously though – thanks to Tolga (El Presidente), Matt the Elder (VP), and Zach M. (secretary)!
Next month’s judged beer is brewer’s choice, with a reminder that December is Big Beer month, so keep that in mind!
Next year’s brewing calendar was discussed, and overall it was approved, with the month of August being changed to IPAs. May will remain to be the annual club competition, despite this year’s June results.

Creating a Lovettsville homebrew competition was discussed, and it was found that there was interest in creating and hosting this. More discussion is needed, along with several volunteers to see it through. Logistics include organizing and running the event, recruiting judges, and reaching out to brewers.


Amongst all of this business talk, we actually drank some beer, too!!
Judged beers included:

  • Mike R. – pumpkin ale
  • Mike J. – brown ale with pumpkin
  • Kevin K. – pumpkin kolsch
  • Joe D. – dopplebock weizen
With such a short competition lineup, the floor was open to all comers, which included:

  • Chip C. – Belgian Harvest Pale Ale
  • Kevin S. – Robust bourbon porter
  • Paul J. – ESB
  • Jennie N. – IPA
  • Chris B. – Pliny clone
  • Steve H. – DIPA/Pliny clone minus the second dry hop
  • Steve – Steam beer
  • Christopher M. – Hefewiezen (with three different honeys)

Standard caveat to apply: My apologies, but I am atrocious with names (which is why I was nominated for secretary, I suppose!). If I have attributed a beer incorrectly, or have flat out messed up, please let me know and I will correct the minutes. Thanks!

Bestest Brewer Ever (October 2014)

Kevin “K2” Koch

The winner for October 2014 bestest brewer, and finally unseating 2-time champion Jennie N., was Kevin “Mister VP” K, with his tasty Pumpkin Kolsch. We were all very impressed by how well the pumpkin and spice flavors complemented the kolsch yeast and bready malt backbone. Way to go K2!

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