A way out west there was a club, a club I want to tell you about, a club by the name of Homebrewers of Western Loudoun. At least, that was the handle their loving founders gave it, but they never had much use for it themselves. This Homebrewers of Western Loudoun, they called themselves- HOWL.

Now, HOWL, that’s a name that no club would self-apply where I came from. But then, there was a lot about HOWL that didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. And a lot about where they lived, like-wise. But then again, maybe that’s why I found the club so darned interesting.

Now this club I’m about to unfold was founded back in 2011 – just about the time of our conflict with the big corporate breweries. I only mention it because sometimes there’s a club – I won’t say a hero because what’s a hero? – but sometimes there’s a club.

And I’m talking about HOWL here – sometimes there’s a club who, well, it’s the right club for their time and place, they fit right in there – and that’s HOWL, in Loudoun County.

And even if they’re a lazy club, and HOWL is certainly that… quite possibly the laziest in Loudoun County. Which would place them high in the running for laziest worldwide – but sometimes there’s a club…..

sometimes there’s a club.

Well, I lost my train of thought here. But–aw hell, I done innerduced HOWL enough.