September 2017 Meeting Minutes

IMG_1335Monthly meeting of Home Brewers of Loudoun was opened by the president Chris B with “Hobbies are Important” theme and announcements as follows:

  • Brainstorming a Metro DC Brew tour and if interest is low it may turn into a Leesburg brew crawl of the new local venues.
  • Attempting to have November meeting at Vanish followed by a weekend ‘Mash-out’ this is the Nov 2nd and 4th dates.  More to come at Oct mtg.
  • Oktoberfest at Brian Y’s, see FB posting
  • Upcoming brew calendar, Oktoberfest, Pumpkin and sours for Oct, Nov shall be Porters and Stouts, with Dec for the strong 10%+

Brief round table on ‘lessons-learned’ touched on various topics such as, Apple Pie Cider (Jimmie), Beer Spa in Iceland (Don), the brew day timetable (Chris), and Rice Hulls at work in NEIPA (Paul thanks Tony for the advice).

Presentation I – Discussing Brew Water from Brian Y.

  • Beer Smith vs Brewing Water, BY designed Software capable of FG, IBU, SRM, pH on Windows desktop for different beer styles, see the FB post to get a copy mailed to you for a trial

Presentation II – Chile Pepper Brewing by Steven K (see post on FB 9/5)

  • Knowing the Scoville scale and capsaicin (hot stuff)
  • Selecting hops for boil and flavor
  • preserving fresh peppers (freezing)
  • tincture and tea temps, plus smoke additions
  • base style for peppers, cream ale and stout
  • finally cautions, ‘can’t take away’ scale up slowly

Beer Tasting with the IPA calendar month and other selected offerings 

  1.  Tony P; Helles – inspired from travels to Germany, Triple decoction mashing with Munich, Pilsner, German Dry Yeas (WLP38).  A complex and fantastic beer, we’re standing in line for the brew day invite to see this event.  Brewing at the next level.
  2. Chris B; Kolsh – a 6% ‘light beer’ with Pilsner grain and wheat, did I hear acidulated malt.  Very good enjoyable beverage.
  3. Jimmie; Saison -garden herbs, thyme and lemon, Marris Otter, Cara, wheat, Mosaic hop and Jasper Abbey yeast.  Nice
  4. Paul; Briny Breezes – for the Nieces wedding, Marris Otter, Fuggles, EKG, Indian Corriander, ginger, WLP 023, IBU 53, 5.5 %, a hopped Bass Ale…
  5. Kevin; Grapefruit Pale – from a friend, all grain with an unknown hop blend, interesting – future club member?..
  6.  Tony; Jennie’s IPA – dry hopped with Ekuanot, excellent color and clean beer
  7. Don; Son of Hoperita IPA OG 1.052 FG 1.011, Marris Otter, special B, 60 IBU 6.3%, Magnum and Mosaic with Jasper Magic IPA yeast and maybe a touch of tequila in the back end, a solid IPA.
  8. Tom P; NEIPA –  2 row and unmalted wheat, hop boil with Columbus and a freah addition of Cascade and Chinook, plus heavy on the dry hop with Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo.  Jasper NEIPA yeast, All about the hops…
  9. Brian H; NEIPA – Aslin Wort, orange starfish, Magnum, Nelson, Citra, cryro Mosaic with London 03, a winner!
  10. Ruben; NEIPA – Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial, Citra, Mosaic Orange Peel, and Jasper Magic IPA yeast, Just need a few more hop varieties, ha, ha – yum
  11. Mark; Lemon Drop IPA – pilsner grain, lactic acid, lemon zest hop, sorachi dry hopped, not afraid to experiment, that’s homebrewing
  12. Floyd; Burben Tripel – Allagash inspired bourbon soaked Hungarian and American oak,lots of pilsner grain, Wyeast 3522 and an OG of  1.085/90, OK I think you’re preparing for the 10+ abv coming in Dec, all right, all right, all right!

As always, feel free to comment or make corrections.  Please Note; this website may be replaced in the future and minutes shall appear on the Facebook page which I may figure out to be more brief or start a file, more to come…



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